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Why this book is unique
The page-turner style and a cool hot site (, with curiosities, images and other references that expand the book experience, will have an immediate appeal to most readers… But this book is more than that, with unique features such as:

  • Structure: Besides its two intercalated plots, with small chapters ending in suspense, a characteristic of most of page-turners, it includes a third narrative, with historical moments that shows how the situation evolves through History, from five thousand years ago to the Second World War. The story told in last chapter of the Historical narrative, towards the end of the book, has a connection with the first chapters of the other two intercalated plots, creating an interesting cyclic effect.

  • Magical Realism: Different from American page-turners, this book mixes Historical facts with religious facts, with a unique Magical Realism vision, A characteristic of many Latin-America novels.

Classification tags
Romance, Fiction, page-turner

Target public
Broad range of readers, mainly adults. The book is particularly interesting for readers who like page-turners and books with a strong Historical background, like those by Dan Brown, James Rollins, Michael Crichton and David Gibbins.

320 pages (Brazilian edition)

Publishing Status
The book is published in Brazil, with a countrywide Brazilian Portuguese contract. Available for publishing in any other countries and languages - right now the author is looking for an American Literary Agent.
The book is written in Brazilian Portuguese, and has four chapters translated to English.

Page-turners with a strong Historical background, such as most of the books by Dan Brown, James Rollins, Michael Crichton and David Gibbins.