Five thousand years ago, in one of the thirteen Habirus tribes – which later formed the Hebrew people – two groups start a power dispute. Seeking for a divine orientation, they sacrifice an immaculate white goat to one of their gods, Yahu.
The orientation did come, but it was not what they expected, and what started as an unimportant conflict among thousands of others forgotten in History grows into painful scars that echo through time into the next millennia.
The last and most terrible of these echoes was the Second World War.
On the eve of the American elections in 2012, an old secret is discovered in an old Nazi bunker, where it had been buried since the end of the Second World War. That old secret can revolutionize our understanding of History and the Sacred Writings, and more than that, it may lead the world into a new global war.
Largely based on facts, this novel mixes History and fiction, reality and religion in a well-balanced result that involves the reader, thinning the line between the imaginary and the real world.