“You manage to put together the amazing writing techniques of Dan Brown and the esoteric vision of Paulo Coelho in a single book!”

Flávio Batista

“I’ve just read the book and it’s excellent” I hope you can find a producer interested in making a movie based on it; I’ll suggest the reading to anyone I can”

Filipe Nascimento

“I’ve just finished your book, “The Name of The Eagle”, and I must confess that it has been a long time since I last read a book that thrilled me this much (and I confess that this is not and easy task, AS I am a very selective reader). It’s impressive how the author manages to create a movie-like rhythm, with short chapters and an ever present tension”

Edson Bueno, Brazilian writer

“I was very surprised, in a positive way, with the agile narration and the smart use of 'cliffrangers'... It was really hard to stop reading, at any time”

Carlos Araujo, ilustrator (http://www.silbachstation.com)