About the Author
About the author

Alexandre Lobão, a Brazilian writer born in Rio de Janeiro, is a passionate man. He is passionate about his family, about books, about computer games, movies and comics.
That’s why he has published a collection of short stories, a novel, child and young adult books, besides several other works on computer game programming. He received four awards in Brazil for his short stories, in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2009. Alexandre also writes comics scripts and movie scripts – “X”, an animation short movie with his script, was the winner of “V Mostra Competitiva de Vídeos do Interior de São Paulo” movie festival in 2008.
You can find more information on the author and his work in his official web site, http://www.alexandrelobao.com.

Works in Brazil

  • Programação de jogos com XNA 3.0 (“XNA 3.0 Game Programming”) , 350 pages, 2009, Brasport
  • Uhuru, 100 pages, 2009, LGE
  • A Verdadeira História de Papai Noel (“The true story of Santa Claus”), 16 pages, 2008, Franco
  • O Nome da Águia (“The name of the Eagle”), 320 pages, 2008, Novo Século
    “X”, 2007, script for a short animation movie
  • A Caixa de Pandora e Outras Histórias (“Pandora’s box and other stoires”, 144 pages, 2000, Thesaurus

Works in USA

  • Game Programming with XNA 3.0 – From Novice to Professional, 450 pp, 2009, A!Press
  • Game Programming with XNA – From Novice to Professional, 420 pp, 2008, A!Press Publishers
  • Beginning .NET Game Programming in C#, 600 pp, 2004, A!Press
  • Beginning .NET Game Programming in Visual Basic .Net, 600 pp, 2004, A!Press Publishers
  • .Net Game Programming with DirectX – Visual Basic Edition, 635 pp, 2003, A!Press Publishers